Blog Tau the Lun Bawang Blog: A New Direction

Welcome to the new Blog Tau!

Blog Tau might not be something new to you if you have followed me in the previous blog which was hosted in Blogger. For those who has never heard of Blog Tau before, it was created  to promote Lun Bawang, the Lun Bawang community and in the same time promote the Lun Bawang tribe’s dying traditional art and culture.

Please check out the About section for more details.

Moving from to

For your information, was created as an experimental blog for me to test out and I have decided to discontinue the blog and start fresh using the self-hosted WordPress platform.

Indeed, blogging in Blogger is free but it limits the ownership of the blog and therefore I won’t get full control and freedom. Another drawback of using Blogger is the common blogger sub-domain name (eg., which makes Blog Tau appears unprofessional. Well, there are numbers of other disadvantages of using Blogger but I would prefer to keep it short because this is not a blog about blogging.

I’ve wanted Blog Tau to be something more of a long term development, so I’ve bought a domain name ( and web-hosting service and build Blog Tau on WordPress platform from scratch. It’s kind of exciting and challenging because this is the first time I’m using WordPress.

As a result of this move, I would like to declare the termination of However, the blog will still be up available until the end of this week (11 April 2010) because I need to transfer some of the contents into this blog.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those whom directly and indirectly in involved in the creation of I really appreciate your kind and encouraging supports and also all the contribution of ideas and thoughts.

Stay tuned and get yourself updated with fresh contents

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