Cultural Night 2: An Idea on How To Support and Promote Uprising Lun Bawang Artists on the Festivals

This is part 3 of the Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2010 series. Part 1 and 2 can be found here:

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Inviting a special appearance of a local artist for the festival and you would certainly expect it to attract big crowds, especially when the artist is a very famous singer from the most popular reality TV show in Malaysia – the Akedemi Fantasia.

Felix Agus Image via G Shop Fotografi

As the organizer released the festival programs and announcing that Felix Agus a participant from the 3rd Season of Akedemi Fantasia is coming down to Lawas. The news spread out like wildfire amongst the local and also to other places surrounding Lawas. That could explain the huge and packed crowds even though it was drizzling during his performance.

Felix Agus - Pesta Lun Bawang 2010
Despite the wet weather, the crowds were having a great time as Felix’s mesmerizing vocals entertained the crowds. The night heated up as Felix and the Lun Bawang leaders performed a Pocho Pocho dance on stage for the night’s finale.

As the matter of fact, there was no Lun Bawang cultural performances nor Lun Bawang band performances on the night though. The festival has been infused with pure modern entertainment. In which I think it was definitely a good idea of balancing our traditional and modern culture.

Felix is definitely an amazing singer, but on second thought, why don’t we invite our own rising stars to perform and promote their creative works of art? I’m not talking about established popular bands like D’ Xtreme and Menengang, I’m talking about those uprising new bands and talents. They need a platform on building their foundation. I believe that we have a lot of hidden talents that are yet to be discovered. What they really need is an opportunity for them to perform and fascinate us with their talents.

To get things straight, I’m not against the association for inviting special guests to perform during the festivals. The main concern is what about our own people? These upcoming superstars are in need of publicity and no doubt the festival is the best platform for them to get started.

“In support of Lun Bawang artists”

What do you think? Let it buried or  let us start digging? How do you care for our own people? Please share your thoughts I really love to hear your comments. Please share this in facebook and retweet it.

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