Educational Statistic of the Lun Bawang – October 2011

  • Maluwis

    na kupe-kupe belajar…..

    • Elisha Batuncang

      Metu ineh, kinanak Maluwis.

  • decem ali

    Elisha, rot apeh ko ngalap data neh? ui suggest klu ko pian ngalap data lun luk baru mabud skula mki authority under persatuan lun bwg. Klu under individu saja, ui pun ara mere maklumat skula deh mo2.. tx peace..

    • Elisha Batuncang

      Amung amung data nih lapen kuh rat Samuil Ashton, former Presiden PLBS. Ieh neh nengenug amung data-data educational achievements tau Lun Bawang.

  • silent observer

    hi..i think ur list is not up to frm lg family alone has 19 graduates..(MA x 2,Bch.x10,Dip. x 7) fyi still in studies (Phd x 1,Bch. x 2, Dip. x 3) this only MK grandchildrens, not includes our parents and other relatives/village ppl..thumbs up fr ur decem ali commnt not everybody interested or keen to share their personal particulars…tq

    • Elisha Batuncang

      The Lun Bawang Educational Achievement has been recorded since the late 90’s to document the progress of the Lun Bawang in its educational endeavour. Massive thanks to the effort of our former President, Samuil Ashton Satu, that have kept and continue to update the data since then.

      Usually, the projection of this data are only presented during the Lun Bawang Assocation’s General Meetings or Education Meetings. So it is not a surprise that not much people are aware of this.

      It’s really a privilege for me to have it presented here in Blog Tau. And to further help this cause, one way for me to do is to inform those whom are not aware about this through this blog post.

      Let’s get the numbers running. You can send your educational achievements, as well as your relatives and fellow villagers to me at