IALB2013: Football Category 1 Fixtures

Lun Bawang Festival 2013 - Football Fixture Draw

Last Saturday was the final day for football teams to register their team to take part in the Lun Bawang Festival 2013 football tournament for both category, villages and branches.

The draw for Category 1 fixtures, which only consists of village team, has been made at the Lun Bawang Sarawak Association office. There are 6 teams granted a bye, Long Tengoa, Long Sukang, Batu 4 (Waterfall), Long Tuma, Gaya United and Siang-Siang was granted a bye which allows them to advance to the next round of this single-elimination tournament.


May 27, 2013 (Monday) Fixtures and Results





Long Tuyo 0 (P) vs 0 Long Ibau

Buduk Rau 2 vs 0 Puneng Berayung

Sundar 2 vs 1 Tang Itong

Ba Kelalan 6 vs 1 Meriting

Lawas Bandar 0 (P) vs 0 Pengalih



May 28, 2013 (Tuesday)

Long Sebangang United vs Belunad

Long Tengoa vs Long Tuyo

Buduk Rau vs Long Sukang

Sundar vs Batu 4 (Waterfall)

Long Tuma vs Meriting

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