Iko Anak Tuhan by SIBKL // Music Video

“Iko Anak Tuhan” (in English, You’re the Son of God) was one of the song performed by SIBKL More Than A Show Musical last year. It was first performed on SIBKL Drunk Before Dawn Musical in 2013.

The people who sang in this video are the actors and singers who had performed in last year’s More Than A Show Musical. I’m really impressed that the singers, even though they are not Lun Bawang, they could sing the song well. I’m looking forward to see more Lun Bawang youngsters to take this as an encouragement come up with a song in their own native tongue.

drunk before dawn

Credit to SIBKL – sibkl.org.my

Check out SIBKL Drunk Before Dawn Musical and enjoy the complete list of song performed during the Musical.

I would like to thank Richard Chua of SIBKL for contacting me and share me the video. God Bless you and your team!!

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  • Pastor Jackson Ling

    Lord I Pray in Jesus Name… Lord anointing and fullfill this people of God.. For your gloryfy…Give them wisdom..your grace and love and mercy… Your breakthrough open our way to seek your blessing in jesus name…