Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2011

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The small and quiet town of Lawas had drew major attentions these year through the grand occasions such as the Lawas Festival in conjunction with the Sejiwa Senada government program and also the Sarawak State Election.

Lawas was once again highlighted with another grand occasion, the Irau Aco Lun Bawang or Lun Bawang Festival in English, which has been a tradition for the Lun Bawang tribe for 24 years – celebrating the rice harvest festival, festival of thanksgiving.

It’s indeed a very busy period this year especially for the Lun Bawang Association whereby there was an election of office-bearers and committees not long after State Election concluded. There was a buzz circulated around saying possibly there won’t be any festival organized this year due to insufficient time and resources.

The Association’s election has brought the planning of the festival to a halt because they need to elect and assign tasks amongst committee members to design and work out a plan for the festival. However, within these short period of time, the organizing committee had showed their credibility in their job and their passion to unite the Lun Bawang community through this festival.

And in my opinion, that’s how the theme for this year’s festival came upon,

Nalan Me’ Tau (Move On)


Lawas Town Square Image taken via

It was said that the 24th Lun Bawang Festival were to be held at the newly constructed town square just next to Hotel Seri Malaysia Lawas. I’m sure everyone were very excited when they heard this, but the fact is that we still couldn’t use the town square yet because the contractor has not released the project to the local council yet. No worries, I’ll fancy that the festival will be held there next year.

Lawas Mini Indoor Stadium 

Then it’s rumored that the festival will be held at Lawas Mini Indoor Stadium. In my opinion, it’s a good place but will be troubled with parking problem and worst it would attract less attendance.

Until I reached Lawas that I learn the venue was at the Lawas Multi-purpose Court. Although it’s small compared to the two venues above I reckon it’s the best option. It’s an open-spaced court and was recently roofed, situated in the town centre, and definitely would attract more attendance.

Pesta Lun Bawang Church Service

Pesta Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2011 Church Service

As usual, there will be a thanksgiving church service as to extent our gratitude to the Lord that had bountifully blessed us, in specific, the Lun Bawang community. This year, the church service was held at Kampung Long Tuma.

Reverend Peter Pengiran Gugkang, the president of BEM (SIB) Sarawak,  has been given the honour to conduct the church service. In his preach, he highlighted about the origin of Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM), how the missionaries from Australia had came to our homeland to share the word of God which had instantly changed and revived our tribe.

Pesta Lun Bawang 2011 Official Opening Ceremony

I didn’t went for the opening ceremony because I was involved  in the football tournament, representing Kuching. The problem was that the match schedules were so tight that the Lun Bawang Association couldn’t afford to free this morning slot for us to attend the opening ceremony. Everything have to go on. I’ve missed all the interesting bits and could only enjoy these pictures taken by my father and uncle.

Pesta Lun Bawang  2011 Official Opening Ceremony

Pesta Lun Bawang  2011 Opening Ceremony

Despite all the speculation about the Association,  it’s vital that everyone should understand that the Association is not a political vehicle. The aim of the Association is to unite all Lun Bawang regardless of political affiliation. Baru Bian the newly elected Ba’ Kelalan Assemblyman was together with Dato’ YAB Henry Sum Agong, Lawas Member of Parliament.

Lun Bawang Festival 2011 Bamboo Band Performances

Lun Bawang Festival 2011 Singing Performance

Lun Bawang Festival 2011 Traditional Dance Performances

Pesta Lun Bawang 2011 Warrior Dance

Pesta Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2011 - Playing Traditional Instruments

The audience were entertained by various Lun Bawang cultural performances showcasing the bamboo band, dances, songs, and traditional music instruments. 

Pesta Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2011 - Poco Poco Dance Competition

A new additional set of performance was introduced during the opening ceremony was the poco-poco dance competition. Though it isn’t part of the traditional Lun Bawang culture but it’s a very popular dance usually used for exercise moves during aerobic.

Sports and Traditional Games

I’ve been dreaming to have traditional games to be the main highlight of the festival but I don’t think this special program could be much carried out  in regard to the situation happened this year. Even the football tournament was rumored to be phased out.

The theme ‘Nalan Me’ Tau (Move On)’ was well demonstrated by the Association, organizing four modern sports tournaments – football, futsal, badminton and volleyball; and one traditional game – blowpipe.

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Cultural Night

Pesta Lun Bawang 2011 Cultural Night Traditional Dance

This year, there were only two cultural nights which showcased the Lun Bawang traditional dances, band performances, top result students award presentation and last but not least the main highlight of the  cultural night’s finale, the Padan Liu Burung and Ruran Ulung beauty contest.

One of the most memorable milestone I’ve achieved as a Lun Bawang young man was to participate as the Padan Liu Burung contestant. It’s a very rewarding and glorious experience that were well tattooed in my memory.

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My Thoughts…

Organizing a grand event such as Irau Aco Lun Bawang requires great amount of dedicated planning so that the festival is in order and successful. An exceptional planning regime should be implemented if we would like to improve the festival to a much higher degree.

As we have known, the election for new office-bearers and committee members had halted the festival’s planning process. The election’s date was too near to  the festival’s date and new committee members wouldn’t have enough time to properly do a planning.

In my opinion, the planning should had be done right after a festival had came to an end. This would give the organizing committees a great amount of time to plan, learn from the past mistakes and will for sure resulting with a remarkable festival programs and activities. Of course in the case of election, these committee must work together with those newly elected so that they could learn from the previous committees.

Also, villages and youths involvement on being a helping-hand in organizing the festival should be much encouraged. One very good example would be the delegation of task for Siang-Siang village to be the host of the football tournament next year.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the sponsors that had generously contributed for the Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2011 in term of resources and morale support in order to make this festival a success. You guys ROCK!

What are Your Thoughts?

Please share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below on how we can improve the festival in the coming future.

‘Nalan Me’ Tau’

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