Ku Awa Mu Negku – Nekson & Seera (2010) Review

Nekson and Seera
Early this year, Nekson Balang and Seera John has combined force and released their first duet album – Ku Awa Mu Negku, a Lun Bawang Christian Gospel song. Ku Awa Mu Negku means for my love of You.

Nekson is a Lun Bawang evangelist from Krayan, Indonesia who works amongst a tribe somewhere in the deep forest of Sumatera, Indonesia. Meanwhile his duet partner, Seera, is a 15 years old rising star which studies in SMK Lawas.

A short video preview of Ku Awa Mu Negku

Track list:
1. Ku Awa Mu Negku
2. Dalan Luk Metu
3. Awa Mu Meruked
4. Yesus Lawa Ulun
5. Pebaya Nemuh
6. O… Iko Tuhan Ku
7. Tuhan Rapet Ulun Ku
8. Bala Mu Tuhan
9. Ui Anak Mu
10. Tuhan Luk Melalud

In this album, all the lyrics was written by Nekson Balang himself. Back in Indonesia, he teamed up with Andolyn Sibuea to create all the music and recorded it at Studio 15 Jakarta. Voice and video was recorded and edited by Ps. Daniel Sia the man behind Daniel Ministry Records. I’m also partly involved in the creation of this album. During my semester break, I’ve been offered a part-time job to design the VCD covers.

Nekson has chosen “nature” as the theme of this album. In the videos, you’ll be amazed with all the beautiful panoramas which was taken from various places in Indonesia, Sabah and Trusan, Lawas. He has also included some short video clips of the place he went to evangelize. It’s an excerpt of his evangelistic activities and also the lifestyle of the tribes.

Get yourself a copy of this VCD and support Nekson and Seera in their ministry. Ku Awa Mu Negku is available at:

Mercelan Stationery, Lawas.
RM 30 per VCD

Buy it Online in Blog Tau
RM 35 per VCD (Shipping/delivery RM5)

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