Kuching Footballers Trip to Lawas 2011

The journey from Kuching to Lawas was a very long and tiring one. It took us almost a day to reach our beloved homeland. Despite the long journey, all of us had a great time together – poking jokes, sang songs together, and talk on random topics along the way. It was a great opportunity for us to get along and get to know each other better.

Lost in Sibu

Even though I’ve been travelling a lot along the Kuching-Lawas route, I still couldn’t  get myself familiar with the Sibu’s confusing road network. Even with the help of a GPS system from Eric’s phone, we had a hard time locating the bus station because Eric need to deliver some souvenir from Kuching for his sister’s friend. It took us about 1 hour to figure out the way!!

Escaped the Long Queue

While we’re having our lunch in Miri, I got a call from my cousins who’re travelling from Lawas to Miri and reported that the queue at the check points were terrible and the worst was the queue for the ferry service at Pandaruan-Temburong river cross-over. At this point, I had great doubts that we could make it to Lawas on time.

If the queue will be as terrible as reported, to continue the journey means we’ll might get ourselves stranded in Temburong and spend our night sleeping in the car because the immigration check points and ferry service will stop operating at 10pm. That’s a No-No for me because I would like to watch the UEFA Champions League Final, the match between Manchester United and Barcelona. I definitely cannot miss that game.

Sungai Tujoh Immigration Check Point

Jamel, the one who’s in-charge for our trip, insisted that we should just continue the journey and pray and believe that God will open ways for us.

Miraculously everything gone smoothly at the check points. But on the other side, the route from Lawas to Miri were jammed with cars. Due to the smooth journey to Limbang, we had a stop at Eric’s house.


At Eric's House

The comforting sofas at Eric’s house made us tiring bunch feel much relaxed. If not because of the TV showing about the Manchester United and Barcelona clash, the feeling of coziness would had definitely hypnotize me into a deep sleep.

We continued our journey as dusk approached. Everything was going fine at the immigration check point until we get to the Ferry. The queue was so long until the sawmill. Mok and Wilter decided to go for a walk to the river bank and fortunately met Arem the transporter from Kampung Siang-Siang. A big thanks for his help, we manage to cut the long queue and slotted in the front row.

Okay, let’s inject some eye-candies here.

We were at Puni immigration check point and decided to make a video of the long queue in the same time talking about our journey and some random topics. This video also includes photo slideshow of us and another session of gayam kakar (talking on random topics).

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Stay tuned.

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