Lun Bawang Festival 2012 Blog Series

Lun Bawang Festival 2012 - Blog Series

The Lun Bawang Festival 2012 is finally over. This year marks the Silver Jubilee status of the Lun Bawang Festival, the 25th edition, and themed “Seterawe Selawe” which means moving forward together in a vision of unity.

Lun Bawang from various places are returning to their homeland to get together to celebrate this 3 days 3 nights grand festival of thanksgiving.

Lawas was once again filled with joyful colours and high spirits of the harvest festival where the crowds were entertained with various sports competitions, bamboo band competition, beauty pageant (Padan Liu Burung & Ruran Ulung) contest as well as traditional musical and dance performances.

This series will take you through an insightful journey and experience of the Lun Bawang Festival in 2012. For those who have missed the festival due to work or studies, be rest assured, let Blog Tau feast you with stories, pictures and videos on the happenings back in our homeland.

What we’ll cover

In this series, I’ll be sharing what I’ve experience from day 1 to the end of the festival. In every 2 or 3 days, I’ll publish a post on each topic that I’ll cover in the order as shown below (I’ll link to each as they’re published):

1. Thanksgiving Church Service
2. Official Opening Ceremony
3. Sport Activities
4. Handicraft exhibition
5. Gala Dinner
6. Dialogue Session
7. Lun Bawang Festival Experience with Professor D.P. Dash
8. Cultural Night
9. Ruran Ulung and Padan Liu Burung Contest
10. Your Lun Bawang Festival 2012 Experience
11. *Free slot for Guest Post

Guest Post Opportunity

Everyone have their own stories and insight about the Lun Bawang Festival. Starting from today, I’ll open up a guest post slot for Blog Tau readers to share their experience with the community. Maybe it’s an article, a piece of art, video, music, or something else.

As you may know, English is the main language in Blog Tau, however, I would like to spice up this blog with other local languages too. So for this special guest post, I’ll be accepting English, Bahasa Malaysia, and the Lun Bawang language.

If you’re interested, please send me an email at elishares [@] to inquire about the guest post terms and conditions with the subject:

Blog Tau: Guest Post LBF2012.

I’m very excited to hear from you!

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