Lun Bawang Protest Against Crime in Lawas

On the 21st September 2012, the Lawas community was shocked by a terrifying murder of Edwin Singa Pelipus which had caused an outrage in the small quiet town of Lawas. The news of the ruthless killing was spread like wildfire across the internet especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Outburst of angry comments from Lun Bawang both living in and outside of Lawas were flooding the Facebook feeds, expressing their anger and unsatisfied feelings towards the criminals as well as the local authorities especially the police, while waiting for the latest updates about the incident.

I was in Miri when I heard that Lawas was in a chaotic situation and the Lun Bawang community in Lawas had planned to stage a demonstration on Tuesday. The demonstration was aimed to seek justice, improving public security and also demand further investigation and actions to be made by the police towards the cold-blooded criminals.

However, some may had misinterpreted the “warlike” comments as racial slurs and were politically motivated agenda. With their shallow knowledge of what had really happened in Lawas throughout all of these years, they unnecessarily gave inappropriate provocative comments towards the grieving and angry Lun Bawang community. And as a consequence, it has created unnecessary heated debates and bitter atmosphere in the internet.

The March towards Lawas Police Station for Justice and Harmony

Hundreds of Lun Bawang demonstrators from various regions (Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei, and Indonesia) had gathered in Lawas to protest against the police, demanding justice and to reinvestigate all the older criminal cases that have never been solved. The Chinese and Malay/Kedayan community in Lawas had also supported the protest because there are a lot of criminal cases made by this group of thugs that had threatened the locals as well as foreigners.

Edwin’s passing shouldn’t be condoned like what had happened to the previous cases. This protest represents the entire multi-ethnic society in Lawas, showing that we, Lawas people, are united and serious to eradicate such crime and to ensure that such incident like this would never happen again.

(Below is the full video of the demonstration – 44 minutes)

I’m really proud and pleased of how the Lun Bawang had conducted the demonstration and had it dissolved peacefully without any bloodshed, fights, damage to public properties and even littering.

What are your thoughts about this incident? Please share your opinions in the comment section down here. Comments in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Lun Bawang are all welcomed. 

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