Lun Bawang Unique Tree Bark Artist

Other than the beads, the Lun Bawang are also very well-known with their innovative handcrafts that were made from the ‘talun’ tree bark such as the vest, cowboy hat, purse and other products.

Bell Su’ut, a fine art degree holder, currently working as a lecturer in Institut Perguruan Sarawak, a teachers’ institution, in Miri, is always inspired by his father’s talun tree bark hand crafts. His father, Su’ut Kurus, is one of the pioneer of the talun bark handicraft in Lawas.

When he was still studying in university, everytime when he went back to his hometown, he saw his parents throwing away the barks they did not use. “I thought it was a waste” he said, and his creativity has led him to transform and recycle tree bark debrises into a piece of art.

Bell actively participate in public exhibition since 2003 and most recently at Karnival Inovasi dan Kreativiti Sarawak 2009, in Kuching. Most of his paintings and carvings illustrate the old lifestyle of the Lun Bawang tribe.


Title: Orang Ulu Ladies

Mixed Media

Title: Drunken Series

Burning Technique