Mr & Miss Lun Bawang 2014 Contest


The annual Ruran Ulung and Padan Liu Burung search for the beautiful maidens and handsome hunks for the Lun Bawang is back!

Ruran-Ulung-2013-Contestants-2Ruran Ulung 2013 Contestants | Photo Courtesy of Joel Ating

Padan Liu Burung 2013 Contestants-3Padan Liu Burung 2013 Contestants | Photo courtesy of Joel Ating.

Ruran Ulung and Padan Liu Burung are both well known Lun Bawang legendary folk tales. Ruran Ulung was known for her beautiful features and intelligence that made her the outstanding maiden who has walked on the earth. Padan Liu Burung was the ultimate warrior who fought for his people and became the hero for the tribe.

Today, we encourage all young Lun Bawang to be proud of our roots and continue to preserve the rich culture and heritage. Come and be part of this one of a lifetime opportunity.

Only one can grab the ultimate title of Ruran Ulung and Padan Liu Burung. Are you the one?

Mr & Miss Lun Bawang 2014 Registration (Bahasa Malaysia)


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