Result: Lun Bawang Festival 2015 Football Tournament (26th May)

Reported by Joselly Pengiran


Today’s referees


Kampung Baru Mission



Meriting vs Kampung Baru Mission

football-26-5-irau-aco-lun-bawang-002 football-26-5-irau-aco-lun-bawang-004



Long Tuma

Long Tuma

The match between Buduk Ngeri and Sundar have postponed due to heavy rain. The match will be re-schedule tomorrow.

IMG_7260.JPG IMG_7261-0.JPG IMG_7263.JPG IMG_7262-0.JPG


0800am  |  Buduk Gerua (3) vs Long Segaman (5)
0930am  |  Meriting (1)(P3) vs Kampung Baru Mission (1)(P2)
1100am  |  Gaya Junior (0) vs Buduk Rau (4)
0230pm  |  Long Tuma (4) vs LSB United (2)
0400pm  |  Sundar vs Buduk Ngeri

Tomorrow’s Match: 27th May (Wednesday)

0800am  |  Sundar vs Buduk Ngeri
0930am  |  Long Sukang vs Long Litong
1100am  |  Long Segaman vs Meriting

Quater Finals
0100pm  |  Long Tuma vs (Sundar/Buduk Ngeri)
0230pm  |  Trusan FC vs Siang-Siang
0400pm  |  Buduk Rau vs (Long Sukang/Long Litong)

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