Sehari Bersama Belia Lun Bawang 2015

The Lun Bawang Youth Wing proudly present to you our very first event Sehari Bersama Belia Lun Bawang 2015. Here’s the full program activities and place of interest during the event.

hari-bersama-plbs-belia-1hari-bersama-plbs-belia-2hari-bersama-plbs-belia-3hari-bersama-plbs-belia-4hari-bersama-plbs-belia-5hari-bersama-plbs-belia-6hari-bersama-plbs-belia-7hari-bersama-plbs-belia-8hari-bersama-plbs-belia-9hari-bersama-plbs-belia-10hari-bersama-plbs-belia-11hari-bersama-plbs-belia-12Please do come and support our youth activity!! See you there!!

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