Traditional Game As Main Event During Irau Aco Lun Bawang

Lun Bawang Dancer

Irau Aco Lun Bawang is just around the corner and now every Lun Bawang from various places would be busy planning their travelling route back to Lawas to celebrate this exclusive and exotic rice harvest festival.

But how exclusive and exotic could the Irau be if the main event doesn’t showcase the Lun Bawang traditional game but instead focusing more on modern sports such as football, futsal, volleyball and badminton? You can see the crowds flocking to their favourite sport or because maybe their son, daughter, husband, wife etc. is participating on that particular sporting event.

So to speak, the Irau wouldn’t be anything exotic after all if there’s no Bamboo Band competition and the beauty contest – Ruran Ulung (Ladies) and Padan Liu Burung (Men).

Lun Bawang Blowpipe Competition

Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2009

To my surprise, the blowpipe competition is the only traditional game organized and it was held behind the hall. Not a very strategic place to promote traditional game, because basically it was kind of hidden and therefore less people would know about the existent of the event.

For the Future of Irau Aco Lun Bawang

To have the Lun Bawang traditional game as the main event would be very exciting and this will push up the Irau’s popularity to a much grander level. With the traditional game as highlight, the event will eventually promote our tribe to the whole world, and by this people can also learn about the Lun Bawang history and culture.

This is very exciting and I know you feel the same too!

I would love to get everyone involved in this. So let us be part of this and start planning for the future of Irau Aco Lun Bawang. Please share your ideas and suggestion in the comment box below.

  • A creative and well explained ideas are encouraged and much appreciated.
  • The 10 best ideas will be proposed to the Lun Bawang Association officers.
  • This is your chance to voice out your ideas and suggestion.

In the next post, I will reveal and share my idea on the Lun Bawang traditional game.

So stay tuned.

Please spread and share the word around with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends so we can get more ideas rolling and improve Irau Aco Lun Bawang!

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  • meechang

    One traditional game that can be introduced is “manad diri luk meselud.”
    A long pole without its bark is placed at the center of the field and anyone who manage to climb highest is the winner. The climber must not wear shoes etc except abpar. Put a flag on the top of the pole for anyone to reach and take.

    Give them 10 minutes to climb.

    If there is a tie, reduce to 5 minutes etc

  • Spencer

    kerja keras-pelawan tupeh pade men

    Tupeh mesti yeh pakai time lek kan..bang 15 minit tuda LIO tinau tupeh dan tunap…mesti ba sibuk rot sinih nih dan melupuk lah…

    mesti dawa anak beruh ngitun anun ngadan luk nan tupeh serta perkakas perkakas termasuk aluh dan luk beken beken kan….

  • http://facebook Liser pengiran

    Kinanak Meechang & Spencer pelaba do idea sineh mare terawe kuan rot2 luk mangun ku ngegala ramai tau yeh ineh irau aco lun bawang.
    Diduih idea di piyeh, pelawan nangal kayuh makai kapak idih ngapak d mecing mepengeh, limited time lah. ineh diduih idea. pelaba merur lek, ngecuk sedia kapak.

  • Pudun

    Think about war boat/canoe… lumba perebu’eh alud kadang. cos, enan tau naruh games/event ni kereb aco pesta lawas… so, it good if we ngaruh d’h kereb aco irau lun bawang teh… cos, perebu’eh alud kadang ni selalu ruwen lun tau kereb masa mo’on (for main transpotation and ameh pebunuh)…..

    And, ngerawe about the crowds… it better then masa near meraut football kereb aco irau lun bawang d’h… so, we propose naruh d’h in few group like, Men & Woman, Mix group or mayah kampung group…

  • Balan

    Mula’ rot kai kereb anak mon..iamo’ na uih ngerawe dih meleb inan lun mula’ betanding… ngenau dih siren dulun miek lek?…
    1. Arem Bukut; Sebuleng usi’ ruen nekul rat bang lubang. le le kudeng rot softball dih rot/law neh sen?…
    2. Pekabang; biasa merot yang barat ruma’ kai mon…

    • Elisha

      What is Arem Bukut? I’m still kind of clueless. Enlighten me please. 🙂

      • Spencer

        aaaaaaoooooooooooowwwwww sha…mesti anak lun bawang bandar lek kan..

        • Elisha

          Even though I’ve spent my childhood in Lawas, I never heard anything about this game before. Maybe it’s an exclusive game that you can only find in villages. Poor me.

  • rining01

    Ba tagap idea muyuh. ui pun setuju asak tau naru irau aco lun bawang raut traditional tau sebagai main event.
    momerot bul ineh sebuleng raut luk inan pupuh tau ba awa. iamo, raut bul uk nekinih ienh raut luk penudut dua uk beken.

    tapi inan sebuleng raut bul luk pupuh sendiri luk neh cipta raut sinih. merut bul makai ‘sebeban” – sebeban dih? batek berek or kerbau. dih niup sebeban dih ke, gerung-gerung tau kereb anak sengaro nipak dih.

    belain ieh merot ragbi, ruen tau nipak sebeban dih. belain ieh merot bul kukud em, serepu makai ticu nai sengaru nagalam bul sebeban dih. kudeng peh raut inih ruen kereb pesta lun bawang. ba ramai and ba ORIGINAL ieh ko
    bererti, sebelum merut bul moden ineh mecing bang bawang tau lun bawang, pengeh raut inih idih arang tau lun bawang.
    Kapeh terawe muh buel?

  • Timothy Tanil

    merot lumba kerbau ba do siok..ngecuk kedeh naru dih kereb pesta lak nih…kudeng ba kupe dua’ kerbau dai dayeh leh..makan tidur anid aco..ngenait ruen masak kicap..ehehe

  • Elisha

    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful ideas. In addition, I would include a couple of ideas that are shared in Facebook.

    1. Nanga nuba’ laya’ (Wrap rice in banana leaf)
    – Rebecca Lhayu Piri

    2. Peluba’ nguan pade (Seeding race)
    – Solomon James

    • Spencer

      Sha…ngudeh yeh DON BONG peh..don itip deh

      Peluba Nguan Nibu Pade…

      • Elisha

        Haha… Obviously I still need to learn a lot.

        What is daun itip in English?

  • sam

    lun teluh, inih ceh dui terawe leh.

    mula luk do luk miek ruen ku rot sen. inan sinier kuh bang Tv mon Hinghlanders games dai Scotland yeh.
    1. Ngiding/mann kayuh luk rayeh- petari’ tueh sinih nih.
    2. Ngeteb kayuh makai kapak/karit
    3. ngupa / ngapak kayuh
    4. Mayung gaman / busu- pelawan ado keh atau inan target keh.
    5. nanir atauy ngelubid kayuh luk rayeh.
    6. pa tibu sinih peh. pelawan rayeh hasil tibu, mendorong netau bang kekemen pertanian sinih peh.
    a) bua lapun
    b) bua tabuh
    c) bua tedcak
    d) bua timun barit
    e) anun anun me’ tibu luk miek inan
    7. dua pung pana, pelawan rayeh, do taga, do lemuh, do asa, do sihat. ngacekuh mula lun tau bang bidang sinih te’ em,
    a) Kerbau
    b) Sapi
    c) Lal
    d) Emek
    e) Uko’

    kudeng nih atun…


    I just like the style you took with this topic. It is not often that you just find something so concise and enlightening.

  • Emily

    Mula’ rot kai kereb anak mon..iamo’ na uih ngerawe dih meleb inan lun mula’ betanding… ngenau dih siren dulun miek lek?…
    1. Arem Bukut; Sebuleng usi’ ruen nekul rat bang lubang. le le kudeng rot softball dih rot/law neh sen?…
    2. Pekabang; biasa merot yang barat ruma’ kai mon…

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