Traditional Games During Past Irau Aco Lun Bawang

Talk about traditional games as the highlight in the future Lun Bawang Rice Harvest Festival. Though it wasn’t organized big time or as the main event, the traditional games has captured the heart of both the invited guests and also the crowds.

It was a sheer entertainment, enjoyable and exotic.

Pesta Lun Bawang 2005

Walking on Pole

Log Cutting

Blowpipe Balloon Target
Carrying Log

Pesta Lun Bawang 2009

Lun Bawang Blowpipes

Lun Bawang Blowpipe Competition

Blowpipe in Action

Although traditional games weren’t completely neglected during the past festivals, but the scale of organizing it are getting lesser. If we don’t maintain our heritage it will just vanish through time and trend.

In my opinion, the best approach to maintain our heritage would be highlighting traditional game as the main event in the future festivals. It would be a one of the channel to educate the younger generations about our rich cultural history.

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  • Would you consider it to be a good idea, bad or some combination of each?
  • Do you think that traditional game could educate the younger generations about our culture?
  • Is the number of traditional games organized sufficient?

Your feedback is much appreciated.

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